IT Services

Our experience in delivering IT Services enabled us to gain a unique perspective on how to assemble the best talent to achieve goals.


Our digital services are built to solve the real problems people face using modern technologies. By using a Human Centered Design approach we are able to engage users at every stage in the development cycle, which results in the solutions they need. We employ industry standard practices for usability research, accessibility and delivering digital services. Our team are experts in implementing all techniques from the USDS Digital Services Playbook and applying USDS and 18F Web Design Standards.

To ensure maintained functionality and ease of use, we refactor our applications when necessary to make use of modern technologies. We also work closely with end users and apply the concepts of Human Centered Design to successfully update legacy applications in an effort to improve overall usability. We are guided by modern web standards, such as HTML5 and CSS3, and web technologies such as JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, React.js, and Font Awesome. Our resulting improvements are more visually elegant, interactive, and intuitive for all future users.

We have committed ourselves to the Digital Transformation initiatives, which enables the American people to access services securely, anytime, anywhere and on any device. Our years of experience in building such software solutions have prepared us with the skills to take on any challenge the clients might face. Previously, we have worked with clients in building applications in AI and IoT, and we are currently developing digital services for many of our clients.


Miracle Team’s operational, analytic, consulting, and transformational services make effective use of industry leading-edge practices, standards, and innovations to enable and optimize the full lifecycle of the enterprise IT environment. Through our robust framework of best practices, we bring together a variety of industry standards, including ITIL and CMMI. In addition to encompassing the full extent of today’s enterprise IT environment, Miracle Team’s solutions and services are modular and configurable, vendor and technology neutral, and implemented by fully certified and experienced personnel. We provide rapid, cost-effective, and low-risk implementation of next generation capabilities with ease, agility, and measured security.

Our major capabilities include:
  • Enterprise Infrastructure/Network Solutions
  • Enterprise Data Centre Solutions
  • Enterprise Application Solutions
  • Enterprise IT support services
  • Enterprise IT professional and technical services
  • Desktop and Mobile Device Management